CNC Laser Profiling

Norlec is pleased to offer advanced CNC Laser Profiling capability to its customers.

We have recently added  a Trumpf 3030 4kw fibre laser and fully automatic sheet stacker which can work with 33 tonnes of steel, unmanned, overnight and at weekends.

We now offer dedicated laser profiling only services.

We have two  Trumpf L3030 Laser Profiling machines of 3kW and 4kW power.

These machines are equipped with auto-loading equipment and bed sizes of 3m x 1.5m.

Capacities extend to 20mm Mild Steel, 15mm Stainless Steel & 10mm Aluminium thickness.

Newly commissioned February 2023 our Trumpf 5030 12kw Fibre Laser

Capable of cutting Mild Steel 50mm, Stainless 40mm, Aluminium 40mm, Copper 16mm and Brass 12.7mm