Norlec Sheet Metal is one of the premier sheet metal manufacturing companies in the UK with 50+ years experience in the business

Our Services


Translating conceptual ideas into practical designs using the latest technologies for a seamless manufacturing experience.


Offering a variety of sheet metal manufacturing services from folding, profiling, welding, through to paint, assembly and delivery.

Dispatch and Delivery

Norlec operates a fleet of its own trucks to ensure deliveries are always reliable, where you need them, when you need them.

Why us?

Latest Machinery

The latest machinery offers enhanced operational efficiency, increases production capacity and ultimately ensures product quality.

Industry Accreditations

Validating our adherence to industry standards, instilling customer confidence in product quality and facilitating compliance with regulatory requirements.

50 Years Experience

Our extensive industry experience means refined operational processes, better problem-solving capabilities, a deep understanding of industry nuances

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